A project with Georgianna Cardoso Zarate.

Founded 2020

'Will I Lose Myself In Motherhood?'


Performed as part of the project 'Tokophobias'.

Ethnographic research exposing the expectations of motherhood by Klaire.

Accompanying this, Georgianna Cardoso Zarate's concreate sculpture researches the lived realities of motherhood.

Following the Tokophobias project, Klaire and Georgianna Cardoso Zarate have founded Villages: An art collective designed to support the creative career development of mothers and women artists.

Villages questions:


How can art organisations support women with children to further develop their art careers?

What kind of space would be suitable for women to work alongside their children?

How can peer support provide resources and opportunities to women and their children?

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Photography courtesy of Georgianna Cardoso Zarate