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Within The Mound and Upon The Old Land Surface of Boars Den


Klaire Doyle and Anna FC Smith’s collaborative project was a series of actions that engage with the unexcavated site of Boars Den Bowl Barrow in Lancashire, UK. This enigmatic mound is a marker to ancient rites and burial, but is yet to reveal its history. The artists have stepped into this space of mystery to invent a new story with a series of actions.

First Action - Making of the Totemic Tools:
On an initial visitation the artists took topsoil from the bowl barrow which they then bound with clay to create their own impossible hybridised tools. The fantasy objects are based on combined archaeological finds from similar local sites to create totemic handheld sculptures.

Second Action - Pit Firing:
The two totemic tools were ritually pit fired in the garden. Local foliage was used to surround them as they bathed in flamed for 24 hours.

Third Action - Return Pilgrimage:
The remnants of the totemic tools returned in pilgrimage to the bowl barrow as Klaire and Anna lay them down to be retaken by the earth or found.

In association with Cross Street Arts Hybrids exhibition.

Photographs courtesy of Michael Orrell.

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