'(Matriarchal) Reliquary'


Doyle undertakes this durational performance to investigate matriarchal documentation and the macarbe, yet opulent recoding of body inspired by the reliquary that homage martyrs and sainted people. Doyle invites one consenting woman annually to donate a small part of their body (eyelash, hair, nail, ect) to be venerated inside a small ceramic tomb with a ceremony. The women are chosen because of their their virtuous and inspiring conduct - women who have donated so far include Jane Fairhurst with a nail (Cross Street Arts founder) and Catriona Rooney with an eyelash (woman in STEM). Doyle began performing this action on 13.7.2019, and will continue to perform it annually for a total of twenty years.


Doyle will commit to the action of documenting the female body as venerated reliquary via ceramic tombs.


Doyle will perform this action annually for twenty years, starting 13.7.2019.


Doyle will select a consenting woman annually due to their virtuous and inspiring conduct.


Doyle archives this action as a means to counter Catholic patriarchal doctrine which infantilizes the female experience and constitutes women as misbegotten beings