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Doyle and Randhawa


Klaire Doyle and Amrit Randhawa’s collaborative project was a conceptual performance project exploring voyeurism and intruding on the lived experiences of people we don’t know. The contract confirms that Doyle and Randhawa are to remain strangers, meanwhile the yellow documents depict a response by Doyle on the perception of Randhawa's existence, without ever truly knowing him.

The contract states: 
"We (Doyle and Randhawa) shared only one spoken conversation online via Zoom on 15th Nov 2021, 18:30 - 19:01 whereby we discussed the circumstance of being strangers to one another. This is a great curiosity to us and something that we wish to maintain. We have decided to know as little about each other as possible and to remain strangers forever. 
We hereby agree to terminate all spoken communications with each other online and/or in person. 
We hereby agree to remove ourself or avoid contact with each other in any circumstance whereby we find ourselves in the same space online and/or in person. 
We hereby agree to object to obtaining any knowledge about each other through mutual or found sources. We hereby agree to contact each other exclusively through a third-party member with details of when and where this work (Doyle and Randhawa, 2021) is in exhibition."

An Arts Council supported commission for Ride Your Pony No.4 residency programme with Abingdon Studios, Blackpool.

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